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The complete package “Body”   includes:

  • CT of the brain
  • CT of the neck
  • CT of the lungs
  • CT of coronary arteries
  • CT of abdominal cavity

Package “Heart” includes:

  • CT of the lungs
  • CT of coronary arteries
  • Morphological examination of the heart


MULTIFUNCTIONAL AXIAL TOMOGRAPH – 64 SLICES – LightSpeed The fastest axial display with instruments in just 1 second and full body imaging with a single breath (<10 seconds). This achieves a…

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GE -Ovation-5

The Magnetic Tomograph is suitable for claustrophobic, allowing the examiner to have room space and view all four sides of the room without being surrounded by the machine. The examination…

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Chemical Laboratory

The center has a fully-equipped chemist equipped with the latest medical equipment. Immediately complete blood tests and analyzes are conducted at the lowest market prices. Our chemical laboratory can perform…

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